Algonquin Park Adventure


This past Wednesday I found myself with an impending need to get outdoors and enjoy the fleeting fall season while I still could. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve lived in the Muskoka area my entire life and besides a few drives through the park heading up north, I have never visited Algonquin Park. Oddly enough, I found myself with a day off with no prior commitments and  I simply couldn’t resist seizing this opportunity to explore. I borrowed a bike from a generous family member, packed a bag full of my camera gear, loaded up the car (it was tight) and headed up for a little solo adventure. The day was a little damp and overcast but I considered this the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful photographs and good motivation to excising in an attempt to keep warm. 



It’s the off season for the park so all camp sites were closed, leaving what seemed like the entire park to myself. I quite enjoyed the solitude, the park is pristine and so incredibly beautiful which I hope to have conveyed in my photographs here. I started my day at km marker 36, parking my car at the Pog Lake camp ground and taking off on my bike from there. This is just one of the many camp grounds with access to the Old Railway Bike Trail that follows the historic decommissioned railway bed. The reason I choose this camp ground as a starting point was due to the beautiful tall pines you will see in my pictures above.





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