Canon 5D mark III arrival

This week I received one of my new cameras in the mail and I’m the most excited about it!!! I’ve been very anxious and eager to start shooting with my new equipment. Thankfully I received one of the cameras this past weekend (a week early!!)  and had a free afternoon filled with natural light to play with it. Being that it was too short notice to find a human subject, I decided to multi-task and take the dog for a hike in exchange for her being my subject for the afternoon. It was really a win-win for both of us, she got some much needed exercise (she’s very hyper) while enjoying the fresh outdoors, and I got to test out my new Mark III. Within seconds of shooting I could see that the quality was indisputably better than that of my Nikon. I truly can’t wait to do more shooting in digital and medium format film with my new 5D and Mamiya 645 (when it arrives). Here’s few of the first pictures with my new Canon 5D Mark III, surely they will only get better with time and I can’t wait to continue sharing 🙂


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